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Aromatherapy Tips: Choosing An Aromatherapist

The decision to work with an aromatherapist is a personal preference. Even though you may be using essential oils on your own already, it still does not hurt to seek assistance from an experienced person who can answer any questions that you may have. You may have concerns about the amount of the oils that you are supposed to use, the methods that you are supposed to use to apply the oils, and the interactions that may occur if you mix certain oils together.

The best way to find an aromatherapist is through personal recommendations. You may want to consider asking family and friends for a referral if they have used an aromatherapist in the past. Your goal is to find the specialist that you trust, who is qualified, and who is reliable.

Working one-on-one with an aromatherapist is a similar process as working one-on-one with your family doctor. The aromatherapist will ask for your complete health history. The more that aromatherapists about your health, the better off they will be in treating you appropriately. During your initial visit, the specialist will go over your medical history and will inquire about any allergies that you may have and any health conditions that you may be suffering from.

Being treated by an aromatherapist can be a brief process, or it can take some time. This will completely depend on the condition that you are being treated for and the ways in which your body responds to treatment. Once you start on a regimen of essential oils, you need to keep track of how your body reacts to each oil. If you believe that you are suffering from side effects that are considered to be abnormal, then you need to stop using the oils and consult your aromatherapist.

Currently, there are no licensing requirements to become an aromatherapist in the United States. Some aromatherapists may already have a license in another area of the medical field. For example, a registered and licensed nurse may also choose to practice as an aromatherapist. Keep in mind though, that in these circumstances, a licensed professional in another field may not have expert knowledge in regard to the use of essential oils. People who are not part of the medical industry can choose to become aromatherapists in the United States without being licensed, however, they will more than likely have to undergo extensive training and gain experience in how to use essential oils.

Starting Your Own Small Business in Aromatherapy – Tips and Ideas

If you have a passion in aromatherapy and you enjoy mixing essential oils, or if you are even making your own blends, starting your own small business in aromatherapy can be a possible venture.

What is good about it, is you can do it online or you can also put up a small store specializing on aromatherapy oils. Whatever way you decide in doing your aromatherapy business, you have to keep in mind some important considerations before finally starting your own small business.

– Make a plan. In any business, big or small, you need to put up a basic business plan of how the business will be run. Determine your target and goals, your market, the cost of investment that you need, as well as your suppliers of your raw product. It is important in business to maintain your supply but not too much so you will not be disappointing customers. Here are some details of what you need to do in starting up that business.

– Know what to sell. True, you are in the aromatherapy business but you have to decide on what specific products you have to sell – would it be lotions, soaps, massage oils? Will you make your own aromatherapy recipes? Will you also provide services?

– Know your competitors. One of the basic requirements in starting your own small business is knowing your competitors. Do your research and find out what they are selling. If you are thinking about selling online, there is a greater chance of having many competitors. But don’t worry, there are also many opportunities online and the market is wide. If you can make your own aromatherapy recipe that is not being sold by the competitor, that would be better.

– Conduct an extensive research on the subject. Your passion will not work without knowledge and hard work, and if you want to put up products different from your competitors, you must do your homework – research.

– Establish your accounting system. This will help you keep track of your profits and losses. In any business, the first few months will probably not earn as much profit because you are still working on your fixed investments, so be patient.

– Set up your online store. Starting your own small business online would require you to put up your website, including the mode of payment, as well as generating traffic to your site. You can hire freelance web designers who can do all these jobs for you. You can also designate a place at home as your home office to at least establish the identity of your business.

– Decide on your packaging, advertising and promotion. Decide on a catchy brand and decide on how you present your product that it will appeal to your market. Decide also on how you want to advertise and promote your products. There are cheap online advertising methods that you can take advantage of and you can also give talks about aromatherapy so you can gain customers.

– Find cheap shipping and delivery services for your products. You can allow pick-up of your products or you can also ship and deliver them. If you are into online business you will most likely be into shipping, so find cheaper options in the shipment of your products.

Starting your own small business in aromatherapy could be easy, especially if you already have the passion on the subject. It is important too that you just don’t sell, but also test your products so you can always give satisfaction to your customers.