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Aromatherapy Tips – Enhance The Way You Look And Feel

Aromatherapy tips enhance the way you look, for aromatherapy is the art of massaging volatile, non-oily essences of plants and flowers for enlivening mind, body and soul of all. Aromatherapy oils include geranium, Rose, Neroli, Lavender, Lemongrass, Basil and Roman chamomile, which are mingled with base oils like almond, walnut, and grape seed and other vegetable oils to produce a wonderful effect on everyone.

Aromatherapy tips for using the oils

Since ancient times aroma is favorite to all. So the aromatherapy oils not only soothe your senses but also heal all physical pain and mental depressions. So before you start using aromatherapy oils, you should know how to use these oils. The aromatherapy massage oils are used in the spas and healing centers but you can also use it for self-massage in your own home.

In case of self-massage make your own personalized oils by blending neroli, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, nutmeg, and peppermint in the base oils and also add a few drops of basil to make a wonderful mixture. While bathing you can add oils like lavender, Roman chamomile and rose to the waters, so that you feel fresh. Diffuser means dispensing essential oils into the air. You can add the scented oils to a bowl of water placed on a radiator and inhale them to realize the effects.

Aromatherapy tips for various body parts

Other than typical beauty care, aromatherapy can also heal depression, insomnia, acne, joint pains, stress, cough, and other diseases. Aromatherapy tips can include tips for skin, body, mental concentration, headache, depression and insomnia.

Aromatherapy tips for skin care

When it comes to skin care, aromatherapy can heal acne and dry skin, enhance facial glow, provide pedicure and manicure effects, prevents skin wrinkles and make your skin look soft and smooth.
Following are the tips for skin care:
Use oils like bergamot, lavender, jojoba oil, sandalwood oil and avocado.
Massage every morning after bath and at night before sleeping.

Aromatherapy tips for depression

If dark circles and affected mind is your regular problem then undergo aromatherapy for depression.
Following are the aromatherapy tips for depression:
Use oils like ylang-ylang, lavender, clary sage, marjoram, frankincense, sandalwood, chamomile and rose.
Use the oils in bath, inhale them using a vaporizer or add them in carrier oils for massage.

Aromatherapy tips for insomnia

If you are spending some sleepless nights, then get massages instead of drugs to cure your insomnia.
Following are the tips for insomnia:
Use oils like neroli, ylang-ylang, marjoram, chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood, and lavender.
Mix these oils in warm water and take bath before sleeping or sprinkle few drops in the pillow so that you can smell it for whole night.

Aromatherapy tips for pregnancy

Aromatherapy massage during pregnancy provides relaxation, reduces stress and backs pains, enhances flexibility and decreases your labor pain.
Following are the tips for pregnancy massage:
Use Tangerine, petit grain, geranium, mandarin, sandalwood, and tea tree.
Areas that need massage include legs, back areas, abdomen and body massage.

Precaution tips in aromatherapy

Aromatherapy tips when followed properly can overcome both physical pains and mental stresses. It calms the anxious mind and heals all physical body pain.
Following are the forbidden things of aromatherapy massage:
Do not mistake perfume oils for real aromatherapy oils.
Do not buy essential oils with rubber glass dropper tops. Essential oils are very concentrated, which will turn the rubber to gum thus ruining the oil.
In case of pregnancy, never use oils like cypress, basil, jasmine, juniper, arnica and marjoram.

Now enjoy absolute unique health, excellent mental strength and wonderful physical wellness with aromatherapy tips and procedures.

Aromatherapy Tips For Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping can have serious implications on someone’s quality of life. Good quality sleep rejuvenates the body and mind. Without it, we become susceptible to tiredness, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and generally poor health. Having insomnia can be incredibly frustrating for the sufferer and perplexing for those who have never experienced it. Insomnia can be a temporary affliction due to a stressful situation or a lifelong issue.

Diet can have a negative impact on sleep. Be sure to limit caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption. Breathing disorders, sleeping schedules and sleeping environment can all effect sleep. Consulting with a doctor can be helpful in tackling breathing problems. Go to bed at a regular time every night to ensure consistency of your body clock. One’s bedroom should be a sleeping sanctuary! Ensure temperature and lighting conditions are suitable. Sleeping with bed linens made from natural fibers can also reduce sweating during the night hence aiding sleep.

Utilizing essential oils can have a beneficial effect on claiming a good nights sleep. Specific oils such as Lavender and Chamomile are known for their relaxing qualities.

– Add 5 drops of Lavender or Chamomile oil to an oil burner filled with water to diffuse a scent throughout a room.

– Sleep with a handkerchief dabbed with a few drops of Lavender under your pillow to ease sleeplessness.

– Take a bath with 2 drops each of Marjoram, Rose and Sandalwood. Make sure not to use soaps or shampoos while in the bath as these will interfere with the benefits of the aromatherapy bath. Taking a 15 minute bath before bed should be sufficient.

– An aromatherapy massage can be very relaxing due to the choice of oils used as well as the effect massage has on muscles. Always add essential oils to a carrier oil such as jojoba as essential oils are too potent for contact directly onto the skin.

Hair Loss – 5 Aromatherapies Tips On Reducing Hair Loss

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine using aromatic plant extracts, known as essential oils. It is a treatment for the relief of minor pains, soothing of the skin, and revitalizing of the whole body. It can also do wonders for a person’s mood as it promotes relaxation and eases tension, fatigue, and stress.

Aromatherapy is fast becoming popular with the proliferation of spas, salons, and organic cosmetic products. It is more known for its relaxing and skin improvement benefits, but it could also be used as a natural way of reducing hair loss. Some essential oils have been proven to stimulate hair growth. Others help stimulate the cells of your scalp and increase the flow of blood to your hair follicles, while others detoxify your scalp. Here are a few examples of essential oils that may help alleviate your hair loss problems:

1. Lavender and bay

Combine six drops of these two essential oils with four ounces of either soybean, almond, or sesame oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp. Let it sit for 20 minutes before washing it off with water. With the added benefit of helping you relax, these essential oils will stimulate your hair follicles. You can also add three drops of bay oil to a palmful of shampoo, and you can use this to wash your hair everyday.

2. Almond and castor

Combine equal parts of almond oil and castor oil and massage into your scalp once or twice a week.

3. Olive. Apply olive oil onto hair and scalp

Cover your head with a shower cap and let it sit overnight. Wash it off the following day. The moisturizing properties of olive oil will help keep your hair and scalp healthy.

4. Henna and mustard

Boil four tablespoons of henna leaves in 1 cup of mustard oil. Strain the mixture using a sieve and store it in a glass bottle. Massage the oil into your hair and scalp and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. It would be better, however, if it is left overnight before washing it off the following day.

5. Cedarwood, thyme, lavender, rosemary, jojoba, and grapeseed

Mix two drops of cedarwood and thyme oil, three drops of lavender and rosemary oil, half a teaspoon of jojoba oil, and four teaspoons of grapeseed oil. Apply the mixture to your scalp and massage well for two minutes nightly. Using a warm towel, wrap your head and leave it overnight. According to an article in Health Magazine’s November-December 1999 issue, a study made by dermatologists of the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland showed that among 43 people suffering from hair loss, 19 grew half of their hair back after using the said oil mixture daily for seven months. A small fraction, on the other hand, regrew almost all of their hair. Note, however, that rosemary oil should be avoided if you have high blood pressure. Moreover, grapeseed oil could cause minor irritations to those with sensitive skin.

Essential oils are very easy to procure and to apply, but it is very important that one be patient in waiting for the results when undergoing aromatherapy. It could take at least 3 to 6 months or even longer for hair to grow back and scalp health improvements to be noticed.